Tyler Tullis
Tyler Tullis
Tyler Tullis

Tyler Tullis

Senior Account Executive

Social Media Enthusiast

Fiction Novelist

Nintendo Addict

Tyler is one of those people with an infectious personality. Enthusiasm radiates from him. He’s always ready with a quip or a joke, but don’t doubt his seriousness for the business. He puts in long hours and doesn’t leave a task until it’s done right. He just knows a project is likely to go better if we’re having fun along the way.

What’s your secret to maintaining a work-life balance?

Jim OZ (Original Zealot) Desautel says it best: “Work is important, life is more important.” I think I’ve learned how to delegate and ask for help in the last few years where I didn’t before. That, and I painfully learned how to say “no” so I can give 100% to what I have capacity for. Giving 80% doesn’t help anyone.

What’s your biggest pet peeve?

I blog extensively on how social media is the defining advent of our times, and yet for all it’s given us, it’s taken something as well. My call to action to everyone with a personal Facebook, Twitter, whatever, is this: What if we all lived moments instead of tweeting them? Social media is a tremendous tool but don’t become a personal slave to it. You do not have to tweet/blog/post every thought in your brain to be validated as a human being in the 21st century.

What is the weirdest thing about you?

When I’m really pumped up (which is frequently) I pretend energy is blasting off my body like in Dragon Ball Z—sometimes I even do the kamehameha hand gesture at people. And my wife still loves me.


Gonzaga University, Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations, Minor in Advertising

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