Sean Finley
Sean Finley
Sean Finley

Sean Finley

Art Director

Film Fanatic

Cocktail Connoisseur

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Sean is passionate about film and design – so much so that he does it in his free time. A poignant storyteller, he enjoys the challenge of finding the human element behind a product or service. He believes limitations actually make him more creative.

What kinds of design projects get you most excited?

I love projects that challenge me to reveal the humanity within product promotion. I like trying to find new, creative ways to subtly promote a service or a product, especially work that allows you to explore the core philosophy of a company. I’m very grateful to be at DH—to be surrounded by so much talent I can learn from and collaborate with.

What do you love about making films?

When a lot of people start out in film, they have a tendency to focus too much on technique, which isn’t always the most engaging. I like those moments that focus on emotion to the point that there’s no interference. The tone is so consistent, you stop paying attention to the details and are sold on the complete package.

What movie do you think everyone should see?

The Big Lebowski. I always find something new in the dialogue that’s both funny and heartbreaking. It’s easy to find yourself investing in all the characters, though they may not all be likeable.


Spokane Falls Community College, Associate of Applied Science in Graphic Design

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