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Mike Bookey
Mike Bookey

Mike Bookey


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Mike is DH’s writing machine. With diverse experience across industries, Mike can write headlines, contributed articles, research reports and…. well, anything. With the wit to match his talent, projects with Mike are a blast. Writer’s block is no match for this guy.

So, Mike, what brought you to DH?

I spent the last 10 years as a journalist and newspaper editor before going into the marketing world. I primarily wrote features and profiles, so a lot of cultural writing around the community. I’d been doing copy writing as a side gig for the last 10 years and loved it, so when I saw an opportunity to pursue it as a full-time career, I couldn’t resist!

Can you tell us more about the type of writing you do?

A critical part of my position is helping conceive ideas—whether it’s for a campaign, rebrand, or specific item a client needs. I write scripts for video and radio pieces, headlines, web copy and brochure content. Every day is different! As a copy writer, it’s really about learning the client’s brand and developing consistent messaging that aligns with their vision.

Any tips for how to cope with a bad case of writer’s block?

A Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter once told me that writing is 60% thinking, 20% planning and 20% actually writing. I’ve spent a lot of time working with young writers, and one of the most valuable pieces of advice I can give is to really marinate an idea before you sit down to write. I think writer’s block only happens if you haven’t put enough thought into the project.

How do you like DH so far?

It’s great! This is an impressive group of people and legacy that the agency has. I look forward to seeing the positive impact our work makes on the region and the communities within it.


Loyola Marymount University – Bachelor of Arts in English, Bachelor of Arts in Screenwriting

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