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Spokane Teachers Credit Union


STCU ENJOYS A WELL-KNOWN AND WELL-LIKED BRAND throughout the Inland Northwest, authentically connecting to the lives of real people with a friendly focus on community.

So when the credit union was preparing for the launch of their new MasterCard Rewards program in the spring of 2016, they needed a fun way to explain its unique benefits which net consumers points for purchases.

It's raining poinst. Hallelujah!

Reinforcing the Brand

DH developed a series of video spots that reinforced the brand, simply explained the benefits, and differentiated from other rewards programs that suffer from commonplace messaging.

Tangible Reward Usage

Creative for the spots anthropomorphized the points into emoticons to showcase tangible uses for rewards, including vacations, restaurant trips and other perks in daily life.

Giving Back

Adding to STCU’s community-minded brand, we included a message about using points to give back to charities and non-profits that STCU members have identified as significant.

Additional Signage

We also developed signage for other applications across Spokane, including these static and video loop placements at Spokane International Airport.

stcu airport digital signage

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