Awards Night: The Addy Awards

jessica wade

Jessica Wade
Account Director

by Apr 7, 2015Creative, News

addy awards

ON SATURDAY, DH ATTENDED the Addy Awards in the new Convention Center space. The evening’s theme was James Bond, so we donned our best cocktail dresses and evening attire. And then we won some awards! Here we are posed with our two Silver and one Gold Addy Awards.

Check out our winning projects:

Silver Addy – Direct Marketing
CU Direct – Direct Mail Coffee Package

This CU Direct mailer targeted CEOs of credit unions across the U.S. Our goal was to create something that would stand out—that the recipient couldn’t simply throw away but would feel compelled to open and read. We incorporated the coffee (a special blend called Partner Blend) to build on the success CU Direct has developing strong one-on-one relationships with its clients. If a CEO accepted CU Direct’s invitation to meet in person, the salesperson brought a custom French press to the meeting, so the two could enjoy the coffee together.

Silver Addy – Logo
PRIDE Prep Logo

For PRIDE Prep (the first public charter school in Spokane), we created a logo that played with the word “pride.” Depicting a pride of lions, the logo evokes the sense of a safe and nurturing place to grow and learn. Since PRIDE Prep is a forward-looking school, the lions show a progression from a passive to an active state. The unique quality of each student is represented in the kaleidoscope of solid and overlapping colors.

Gold Addy – Collateral Material
PRIDE Prep Booklet

We created a booklet that shared PRIDE Prep’s personalized learning environment, hands-on education model, and the advantage it provides students. The booklet also illustrates the impact the school will have on our local economy and workforce. We used black and white photos of children, which served as a nice contrast to the identity’s colorful palette.

We would like to thank CU Direct, PRIDE Prep (and a shout-out to Jonny and Lillie who graced us with their presence), and all our clients who have given us the opportunity to work on amazing projects. Thank you to the Ad Fed for putting on a great show and party.

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