So what makes us different?

Well, for nearly 20 years we’ve blended advertising, public relations, research and design. We believe the future of our industry will see programs and campaigns and work built with a multi-audience lens. Why, because they get better results, create change and connect with what consumers, employees, industry leaders and others care about.

We’ve built a team of people that work across disciplines: advertising, PR, public affairs, brand strategy, research. This helps us connect the dots in ways others can’t. And what does it mean for our clients? More effective marketing programs. Big ideas grounded in smart strategy. Powerful ideas communicated in simple ways.

Strategy doesn’t mean boring. Strategy means results.
Results like:

  • Marketing programs that get results and work across the marcom and sales spectrum
  • PR programs infused with creativity and a distinct point of view
  • Campaign design and tactics that are extendable across a spectrum of advertising, pr and internal communications
  • Brand strategy that helps our clients communicate complex ideas in simple ways, and that reveal new business opportunity
  • Public affairs programs that educate, advocate and influence policy

Our programs promise a few things. A clear point of view. Simple ideas communicated in powerful ways. And an approach rooted in strategy and business need.

International view. International reach.

DH is proud to be a member of IPREX—the world’s leading partnership of independent communications firms. With 75 firms in nearly 100 cities, IPREX gives our clients access to expertise around the globe. We collaborate regularly with our partners, and Andrei Mylroie also serves on the IPREX Global Board of Directors as its President. Learn more at

Our Approach:

There’s a journalism saying that mandates, “show me, don’t tell me.” While every client and project is different, generally speaking our more comprehensive programs are guided with a process we’ve honed over the years.


We work with our clients to get a firm grasp of their market, opportunities and depending on the situation, things like perception, reputation, market presence and more. This phase is typically marked by a combination of strategy sessions with our clients, and qualitative or quantitative research.


Building on the research base, we build the framework of a program or campaign, generally building options to discuss along with our clients. We view this work as collaborative and work to ensure a solid platform of creative ideas meshes with business strategy.


This means putting plans into action. Campaigns launch. Media buys are put into place. PR programs fire up. And digital strategy is put into the hands of customers.


Yep, results matter. That’s why we build in short and long-term measures that allow our programs to pivot based on outcome, that maximize budget and that show exactly where we’re making or moving markets.

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